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Clean Break consent order - £150.00

This Service is only available to our Fully Managed Divorce clients.
This service is managed by a SOLICITOR and is intended only for dismissing any future claims by one party against the other. Visit our Financial matters information page for further details.
We take your divorce and financial matters very seriously. Unlike some of our competitors we do NOT provide a standard format Financial Clean Break order at a knock down price. A "one fits all" clean break order is not how to protect your financial future.
Financial orders should be dealt with by a Solicitor specialising in these issues. A Financial Clean Break order should be tailored to your personal and financial circumstances. For this reason Divorce Service has teamed up with a firm of solicitors to enable your financial matters to be dealt with by experienced professionals.
Divorce Services is committed to looking after your best interests and providing you with the best possible quality service.
This service is suitable for you only if the following applies:
  • Divorce proceedings have been instigated or are shortly to be instigated
  • The assets have already been dealt with or there are no assets to deal with but you wish to formalise the position by obtaining an order recording that all claims, present and future are dismissed.
  • In the event that a change of finnancial circumstances occurs in the future, either to yourself or your spouse, that you wish to ensure that you are protected from future claims and that any informal agreement that you have reached is truly a "clean break" and is "in full and final settlement"


  • Payment of a sum of money by one spouse to the other
  • Transfer of the whole (or a share) of the matrimonial home or other property from one party to the other
  • Transfer of the whole (or a share ) of the proceeds of an endowment policy from one party to the other
  • Sale of a matrimonial asset and the division of the proceeds between you in fixed percentages
  • Division of the matrimonial assets such as the contents of the former matrimonial home, joint savings and investments
  • Transfer or division of a pension 
Should your personal financial circumstances need further negotiations with third parties and/or your circumstances are over and above the scope of a basic clean break fixed fee consent order, your assigned solicitor will advise you in advance of any extra costs involved.
 A Court Fee is payable when the financial order application is filed at court.