English Divorce Packs - Pack 1


DO IT YOURSELF DIVORCE  -  Instant Download to your PC.

Our  DIY Divorce Service is an ideal way to get divorced on a tight budget


The pack has been carefully designed by online divorce specialists  to provide everything you will need to successfully manage the divorce process yourself.  High street  Solicitors need not be involved


The service includes FREE court documents,  step by step guidance notes and  crucially unlike other online services, we offer  support   & guidance throughout the process


Once purchased, you will automatically be able to download the DIY divorce pack direct to your computer and have access to online support straight away.

The pack includes:


o    FREE forms and ALL documentation you will need to manage your  DIY Divorce

o    CLEAR guidance notes to the  Divorce process 

o    STEP BY STEP ‘what happens and when’ guide to managing your own Divorce 

o    PROFESSIONALLY DRAFTED letters to submit to the Court at each stage of the process 

o    LIST of all Family Courts - for your ease of reference 

o    FREE unlimited email  and telephone support - should you have any queries   

o    FREE updates on any matter which may affect your divorce. 

o    OPTION to upgrade to either Assisted or Fully Managed Services

o    NO Court appearances necessary


REMEMBER as much or as little support as you need is at your fingertips




 PLEASE NOTE when you submit the documentation to your local county court that you will need to pay mandatory court fees of £550 to initiate the court procedure.  You may however, be eligible for court fee exemption if you are on a low income.  Contact the Court for more information &  an application