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Our ASSISTED SCOTTISH DIVORCE SERVICE  has been professionally designed for clients who:-

  • Have been separated for 12 months or more
  • Have no children under the age of 16 years
  • Have no outstanding financial issues
  • In agreement with their spouse for a divorce to take place
A straightforward and comprehensive questionnaire completed by you, will enable a personally assigned & legally trained Case Manager to draft your divorce documents.  Your documents will then be forwarded to you, for you to personally manage the Divorce.
Once purchased, you will automatically be able to download the questionnaire direct to your computer and have access to online support straight away.
Our ASSISTED Scottish Divorce Service includes:-
  • PERSONALLY assigned and legally trained online Case Manager
  • ALL divorce documents drafted by your assigned Case Manager
  • CLEAR guidance notes to the Scottish Divorce process
  • STEP BY STEP ‘what happens and when’ guide to managing your own Divorce
  • PROFESSIONALLY drafted  letter to submit to the Court with your documents
  • LIST of contact details for all Sheriff Courts - for your ease of reference
  • FREE unlimited email and telephone support    
  • FREE miscellaneous forms which may be needed along the way
  • OPTION to upgrade to our Fully Managed Service
  • YOU will not have to attend Court & no Solicitors need be involved
PLEASE NOTE there are standard court fees of £120 payable when the application is made.  If you  are on a low income you may be  exempt from  these fees. Please contact us for a free assessment

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Use this service if:

  • Either party live in Scotland
  • Both parties AGREE to a divorce
  • You have been separated for 12 months or more
  • There are no children of the family under the age of 16 years

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